The Venice Family Clinic has served for over fifty years as a community health center in the Venice region. The clinic was started by Philip Rossman, MD and Mayer B. Davidson, MD in 1970. In the old days, care was provided through a borrowed dental storefront in off-hours. 

Over the course of fifty years, VFC has made enormous strides, becoming a pioneer in the field. VFC has launched services targeted towards people experiencing homelessness, mental health care, and children’s programs. VFC has worked with local schools, including Santa Monica High School, Culver City Middle and High School, to deliver care to students.

In recent years, VFC has begun to offer dental services, and absorbed Common Ground to help patients with HIV/AIDS. VFC’s street medicine teams travel into the community to reach people who can’t make it into a clinic. VFC has partnered with UCLA Health, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, and Saint John’s Health Center to deliver superior care and expertise to the region.

VFC’s events serve as another way for the clinic to connect with the community. The Venice Family Clinic Art Walk and Auction, the Children’s Holiday Movie, and the Silver Circle Member Events are fundraising successes that build ties between VFC, donors, patients, and the city of Los Angeles. 

The future of healthcare is always uncertain. However, it’s clear that wherever healthcare goes, the Venice Family Clinic will be there to serve the people. Their community-focused approach and their tireless efforts are an inspiration to everyone in Venice and beyond.

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