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Kate Willson Wellness

Kate Willson is one of the rising stars of the Venice Chamber of Commerce. She has served on the Chamber Board of Directors, and has established herself as a presence

Daylight Savings

November is here, and that means it’s the end of Daylight Savings Time in 2021. As the saying goes, Spring forward, and Fall back. At 02:00 AM, we’ll roll the

Boss’s Day

Above all else, the Venice Chamber of Commerce is an organization for businesses to get together and get things done. None of our work would be possible without our dynamic

Chicas Tacos

It’s no secret that Los Angeles has a lot of competition for good tacos. In such a crowded market, it takes a lot to stand out. Since 2016, Chicas Tacos

Clean Ups with Cookies Venice!

The Venice Chamber of Commerce practices community service through our Chamber in Action initiative. One of our most successful endeavours are our clean-up days. Volunteers get together, enjoy coffee and

Friends of Venice Boardwalk

The Venice Boardwalk is one of the busiest tourist destinations in Southern California. It’s an essential L.A. landmark that attracts visitors from across the globe. More than ten million people

Beach Safety Tips

Venice is full of notable landmarks: the Venice Sign, Abbot Kinney Boulevard, the Boardwalk, the Skate Park, the Canals…all beloved by locals and destinations for tourists who flood to Venice

Muscle Beach

With the recent rise in popularity of the boutique fitness industry, it’s easy to forget that one of the most popular Venice workout hotspots has a long city history, and

Booster Clubs

One of the things that makes Venice so special are our community organizations. In particular, our local booster clubs do an amazing job supporting schools. Their generous support and hours

Just Tantau

Just Tantau is a jewelry, gift, and curio store that’s a perfect representation of the spirit of Los Angeles. Discerning customers quickly learn that this store is worthy of their