Kate Willson is one of the rising stars of the Venice Chamber of Commerce. She has served on the Chamber Board of Directors, and has established herself as a presence on the Chamber’s instagram content, Chamber Live.

Kate is an established health and wellness professional with her roots in the entertainment industry. Her background in entertainment prepared her to work with clients, plan strategically, and build relationships for business success. After working as the director of Exhale Venice, she has pivoted to teach classes at RadiantBodyMind, along with offering corporate wellness consulting, leading yoga retreats, and created hours of amazing yoga content on YouTube and Instagram. 

Kate brings an individual and innovative perspective that is a perfect match for the Chamber and for Venice. The yoga and wellness industry is extremely competitive in Los Angeles, but someone like Kate has managed to thrive by adapting with the times, listening to her customers, and being eager to partner up with other leaders. 

Over the course of a difficult year, the Chamber has succeeded by continuing to bring businesses together to try to solve common problems with new solutions. People like Kate Willson are emblematic of that can-do spirit, an attitude that is always excited for new opportunities and ready for change.