The Venice Chamber of Commerce practices community service through our Chamber in Action initiative. One of our most successful endeavours are our clean-up days. Volunteers get together, enjoy coffee and donuts, and clean up our beautiful neighborhood. Participants get to make friends and network with the Venice business community. It might appear casual and social, but it has an immediate impact. 

The clean-ups have exceeded the Chamber’s wildest expectations. Clean-ups typically bring in anywhere from ten to twenty-five volunteers. A typical two-hour session brings in twenty to thirty bags of trash. At nine sessions so far, we’re close to 200 bags of trash and 360 volunteer hours!

One of the most dedicated supporters of the Clean-Ups has been Jesse from Cookies. Jesse donates brooms and waste bins, and pays for donuts and coffee. He never misses a clean-up, and he is the first in line with a broom to take care of the trash. Nobody can forget that he does it all in comfy flip-flops! 

Cookies Venice is one of the most well-respected and successful dispensaries in the area. Cookies has locations all around the country, and always deliver a superior product. As evidenced by Jesse’s help, they have a reputation for great customer service and dedication to the community as well!

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