It’s no secret that Los Angeles has a lot of competition for good tacos. In such a crowded market, it takes a lot to stand out. Since 2016, Chicas Tacos has been delivering some of the best Mexican food in town. Their new restaurant in Venice Beach is ready to continue this tradition of success.

Chicas Tacos was founded by Chef Eduardo Ruiz. Chef Ruiz has kept things simple, centering good tacos at the heart of the restaurant. Their tacos blend tradition with innovation. Classics like steak, chicken, and fish are joined by vegetarian options like jackfruit and Impossible meat. Along with tacos, there are quesadillas, burritos, nachos, ceviche, and Chicas’ take on Mexican pizza! Sides include chips and guac, street corn, and queso. No meal would be complete without a margarita, michelada, or paloma.

Chicas Tacos is all about balance. Honoring tradition while still practicing innovation. Their tacos are quick but never rushed. They pay tribute to the tacos of yesteryear while still living on the the cutting edge. They believe in putting passion and flavor into every order, and they’re ready to bring that spirit to Venice.