Above all else, the Venice Chamber of Commerce is an organization for businesses to get together and get things done. None of our work would be possible without our dynamic and successful member organizations. These businesses are located all over Venice and succeed in many different industries, but they all benefit from great leadership. In honor of Boss’s Day on October 16th, we wanted to put the spotlight on some of the best bosses on our list.

In Los Angeles, you can find almost every different kind of pizza imaginable. While there’s something to be said for California style, Chicago deep dish, or a New York slice, authentic Italian pizza is close to magical. Mario Vallera brought his knowledge and passion for pizza all the way from Rome to Abbot Kinney. Vallera’s South End is an atmospheric, welcoming, and authentic Venice destination for a real taste of Italy. The restaurant uses homemade sourdough and a mixture of local and Italian products to create unforgettable pizza perfectly paired with wine. Vallera isn’t content with just pizza, however – he recently reopened the legendary LGBTQ bar Roosterfish on Abbot Kinney. It’s clear that Vallera is just getting started in Venice, and it’s exciting to think of what he’ll do next. 

If a tree falls in the forest with nobody nearby, does it make a sound? If a new restaurant opens but you haven’t heard of it, does it even exist? That’s why we’re such big fans of Edizen Stowell’s Venice Paparazzi. Her website is the perfect place to learn about everything new, old, and in-between in the Venice area. Restaurant openings, charity events, bar guides – you can find everything under the sun on VP. Stowell’s photography has captured the free spirit and positive attitude that characterize life in Venice. She has successfully leveraged VP’s success into a event photography company and an extensive Venice guide. In her off time, she’s an assistant coach at Kettlebell Boxing. Talk about a boss!

At the Chamber, we need a few bosses of our own. The first person that comes to mind is our treasurer, Carol Tantau. She makes sure all of the money goes where it needs to go, and she performs her duties with insight, intelligence, and efficiency. Carol isn’t just our treasurer though, she owns Just Tantau on Abbot Kinney. Just Tantau offers an eclectic and stylish selection of jewelry and watches that’s perfect for the discerning shopper. Carol is an essential part of our organization, and we’re beyond blessed that she’s gifted us with her business acumen. 

These are just a few examples of the bosses that make up the Venice Chamber of Commerce – and we’re always looking for more! If you’re ready to take charge, forget the rest and work with the best, become a member today!

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