Meals on Wheels West has been serving Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Marina Del Rey, and Venice since 1974. They deliver meals to people of all ages who are unable to shop or cook for themselves. People who can’t make their own food generally suffer from poor nutrition, as well as loneliness. To help combat this problem, MOWW volunteers perform a daily Wellness Check to give patrons a bit of friendly conversation to brighten their day. 

Volunteering helps more than just those who receive meals. Volunteering strengthens community ties and links generations together. Meals on Wheels West creates teams that combine experienced adults with young volunteers from local middle schools, Santa Monica High, UCLA, and many other organizations. Young people discover the joys of community service, and clients get to see a friendly face. 

MOWW also offers businesses the opportunity to serve, whether on a weekly schedule or a specific day of service. Google, Oracle, Red Bull, Uber, Capital One, and many other corporations have signed up to help out. MOWW prides itself on being able to find the right volunteer schedule for anyone’s needs. 

There are a variety of reasons why people might need support, and MOWW aims to help out anyone who might need a boost. MOWW partners with various organizations to serve recently-housed people, returning veterans, and people recovering from hospitalization. Meals can be customized to serve various dietary needs, including diabetes, kidney issues, and vegetarianism. 

Food is one of a person’s most basic needs. When a person can not obtain food themselves, it is up to society to step up. Meals on Wheels West understands that the community connection is just as important as the calories. Their efforts are vital, and their approach is effective and compassionate. Please consider supporting their mission if you can.

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