Anyone involved in any kind of community organizing knows that outreach to residents and attracting sustained involvement in the neighborhood is a major challenge. Luckily, one of our board members has a solution. The REACH course teaches marketing techniques and social media skills to neighborhood councils, local chambers of commerce, and community organizations. 

REACH is a five step program: Revive, Educate, Action, Communicate, and Healthy Community. The course is a multi-video series that is designed to dramatically increase turnout and engagement in community programs and town halls. The program features a comprehensive sequence of training, homework, and discussion activities. Course content includes informational videos, examples of engaging emails, and training for neighborhood council elections. After completing the course, participants have access to a course summary and several takeaways and to-dos to make changes immediately. 

The REACH course is brought to you by Evan White, who currently serves on the board of the Venice Chamber of Commerce. Evan has an extensive background in digital marketing and social media engagement, and has successfully utilized his skills for dozens of neighborhood councils and community organizations around Los Angeles. 

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