You’ve heard the expression, “don’t quit your day job”?  Well, in 1991, a Los Angeles artist named Cathy Salser didn’t take that advice.  She quit her day job as an art teacher, and embarked on a road trip which took her to 32 domestic violence shelters across 18 states. Salser had the idea to lead art workshops at each shelter to help facilitate a safe and creative environment for domestic violence survivors to express themselves. 

AWBW art lessons

Later that year,  Salser returned to L.A., but she couldn’t leave her experience on the road behind her.  She soon partnered with a local shelter to launch a series of weekly art workshops, which, in time, became A Window Between Worlds. AWBW grew in success and gained national recognition, but the organization’s core purpose remained the same. In 2019, just like in 1991, AWBW uses the power of art to help domestic violence survivors process trauma, express their emotions, and create hope for the future. The artistic environment allows for the artists to feel seen and validated in their experiences.

As the years have progressed, AWBW has launched a number of initiatives to great success: programs for children, a partnership with Habitat for Humanity working with veterans, and the launch of the first Day of Action for Domestic Violence Awareness month. 

Children’s Programs

One of the many reasons that domestic violence is so pernicious is that it isolates victims from their community. A Window Between Worlds works to bridge that gap and restore those ties. There is nothing as valuable as learning that you are not alone. 

Student artwork

A Window Between Worlds, like many great projects and local businesses, has a humble origin story.  If you are not familiar with their work, we encourage you to support this longtime Chamber member.  Search them out online and attend an event or fundraiser or reach out to them directly to get involved with their important mission.

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