Just Tantau is a jewelry, gift, and curio store that’s a perfect representation of the spirit of Los Angeles. Discerning customers quickly learn that this store is worthy of their business. The store’s selection is high-quality, unique, and above all else, authentic. It’s a place that could only exist in L.A.

Just Tantau would already be remarkable if it was the work of a dedicated team, but it’s a one-woman operation. Carol Tantau owns and operates the store and acquires inventory from local artists. When she’s not working on the business side, she designs and creates many pieces on her own. Just Tantau exclusively sells handmade products. 

Carol’s artistic process is rooted in repurposing old and discarded materials. Just Tantau products have incorporated the nibs of fountain pens, the keys of typewriters, and the buttons of old clothes. In an era where nearly everything is new, identical, and perfectly complete, Just Tantau proudly champions the old, the extraordinary, and the loose ends. 

Just Tantau is vibrant, bold, and beautiful. It’s easy to say it’s a symbol of what Los Angeles used to be, but it’s thriving in 2020, and hopefully for many years to come.

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