The Venice Boardwalk is one of the busiest tourist destinations in Southern California. It’s an essential L.A. landmark that attracts visitors from across the globe. More than ten million people listen to buskers, grab a slice of pizza, buy a t-shirt, or hang out at the beach every year. 

The Los Angeles Recreation and Parks department do an admirable job, but the Boardwalk would be a challenge for any organization to oversee. That’s where the Friends of Venice Boardwalk comes in! 

Friends of Venice Boardwalk is a new organization that is just getting off the ground. The Friends aim to secure the future of the unique culture and character of the Venice boardwalk. They are planning community projects to clean up and preserve the boardwalk and keep it a place for locals and tourists alike. The boardwalk is an essential piece of Venice, and it’s up to us to keep it that way!